Anyone sells a Mienfoo PD?
As cheap as possible (including shipping to Spain, EU please). No problem if it's previously loved and without tags :3

Anyone has this case?
Hello there!
I'm thinking on buy this case, but I haven't found any photo of it adjusted in the 3ds

Can someone provide me some photos and talk a bit about it? it's soft like silicone or hard plastic? How does it adjust?
I'm in doubt between this one and one that looks like the special eevee 3ds xl << and I don't know what to do!!

Help please ;w;?

I love summer. It's the best part of the year! Do you know why!? Because the Carnival comes to the city!!! and I really LOVE the carnival =D

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Looking for the seller of the Magikarp medals!
Hi there!

More than a week ago I paid for a magikarp conmemorative mdal of pokemon collectors, but, since I'm a disaster, I can't find the post for contact with the seller. Can anyone help me?

I want to post something about Pokemon to, sooo =D:
Some random photos of my collection!Collapse )

Pokemon frame
My new decoration!! Thanks to my friend Fluna for give me the green GBP :3

Hi every world!!!
I've finished my ninetales plushie <3 I'm soo proud of her, so I think that it's a good way for present me in Livejournal! I'm Ishtar, a craft maker, and I LOVE Pokémon and TOZ. New friends are allways welcome!!


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